Make Your Own Birth Room Soft Furnishings

If you have an idea for a piece of soft birth furniture for your maternity suite, it can be turned into reality.  If you would like a birth couch, or an add-on for a birthing couch, or your own type of beanbag or cushion, get in touch as we can quickly agree a design and get you a price.  It costs you nothing to get a price.  And it won’t cost silly amounts – your couch would cost about the same as our couch.  There are a few design tips we’d need to share with you, so do get in touch.

Breastfeeding Cushion.

Midwives from Burton wanted a breast-feeding support to go with the SoftBirth birthing couch kit.  They asked us at a midwifery conference and it
SoftBirth breastfeeding cushion-drawingwas ready to go to production a week later.  It’s rather square-looking in the drawing because that is how the covers are cut and made, it would be more rounded in real-life.

If you already have a SoftBirth birthing couch, would you like to trial this breast-feeding cushion at your hospital?


The midwives at Mayo Hospital wanted a large beanbag and a very large cushion for birthing mums.  You can choose whether you want them zipped or sealed; single or double lined. Choose your colour.

What Would You Design for Your Unit?

A shaped bean-bag? A birth stool? It really is that easy and that inexpensive.  Have go! Get doodling!!