Hi-Lo Birth Support Birthing Chair

Hi Lo birth support - the birthing chair for an active birth

The Hi-Lo Birth Support birthing chair  was designed by Margaret Jowitt, author of “Dynamic Positions in Birth”.

The Hi-Lo Birth Support birthing chair takes the focus away from the bed, while its compact size ensures that it can fit into all rooms alongside the obstetric bed in case of emergencies.

It provides women with multiple options for positions and movement and easy access for midwives for observations. This is a superb way to support active birth, no matter the space limitations, and can be used in unit supporting the highest risk women as it simply sits alongside the existing obstetric equipment.

The birthing chair can be placed on the ground in a number of ways, supporting various kneeling and seated forward-leaning positions, and is wide enough to support vaginal breech births.

 Hi-Lo Birth Support birthing chairHiLo birthing chairHi Lo active birthing chair

“The chair has been a hit in the midwifery led unit.”

Teri Gavin-Jones, Midwifery Unit Lead, Colchester.

  • Designed to strict hygiene standards for Infection Control
  • Anti-microbial vinyl easy-clean cover in multiple colour options.
  • Strong, durable and safe stainless steel construction
  • Tested to 200kg
  • Supports multiple labour and birth positions
  • Encourages active birth
  • Very comfortable even during long labours
  • An ideal accompaniment to all obstetric rooms where a balance between active birth and immediate access to obstetric beds is required
  • Small footprint – fits most obstetric rooms
  • Hugely valuable in ‘low risk’ or ‘high risk’ settings to support active birth

Colour choice –  click here

The most popular colours are: Juniper, Merlot, Mint, Rosemary or Very Berry (pink)

Technical & Safety Data

Core:                18 mm birch plywood

Fill:                  1.5” high density seating grade foam

Upholstery:      Chieftain crib 5 antimicrobial Multistretch vinyl, JIS Z 2801:2000

available to order in Vanilla (illustrated), Very Berry (deep pink) or Rosemary (blue)

Backing:          Acrylic sheet sealed with antifungal silicone/acrylic

Cushions:         Secured by purpose made snap on clips (twice x illustrated length)


Tested by FIRA to the following British Standards

Structure:        BS EN 1022 2005 (domestic furniture – seating – determination of stability) Pass

BS EN 16139 2013 (furniture – strength, durability and safety requirements for non-domestic furniture) Pass* (*back rest excepted, designed to be removable)

Fire:                 BS 5852 Clause 12, ignition sources 0, 1 and 5 Pass


Download information sheet (PDF)