Ceiling-Mounts and Birthing Sling Cloths

Ceiling mounted birth sling

Ceiling sling metal work sketch (a carabina is also included)

A birthing sling is a valuable and increasingly popular means of promoting and active labour and birth.  The cloth is a 6m length so that when it hangs doubled-up from the hook it is 3m long.

The designs and colours of the sling cloths change too frequently to give a selection here, so if you tell us a colour preference and a few pointers to pattern, we’ll gather together the current options.  Those below are available at the moment.  These vary in price from £200-£300, we can send you a range of patterns currently available and their prices.

Pink leaves



We sell a kit of metalwork (in steel and stainless steel) to bolt to a roof joist/girder.  This kit uses generic steel metalwork to anchor an eye-bolt from which to suspend a sling cloth. The eye-bolt is long enough to protrude through a false ceiling.

Metal work only £395+delivery and VAT

The metal work has been tested to 400kg* and  the cloth was tested to failure at 175kg.  No other certification for this kit is claimed or implied.

*If you’re thinking of using the ceiling mount for any lifting or as a pulley-fixing, it would have a working load of 200kg.