Brief Terms and Conditions – Ordering, Payment and Delivery

By ordering from us, this is what you’re signing up to…

Our standard lead-in time is up to 6 working weeks from the placing of any order to despatch from our base.  With most items we can shorten this period or may have some in stock.  Where the final balance is paid for by cheque, this will add a week to the lead time.  We will always try to shorten our lead time but will not do anything to compromise quality.

Ordering & Payment.  An order should be placed by online payment via our website, the pro-forma invoice form on our website, by an official letter or email or by an official purchase order to us.  These will then be used to generate a pro-forma invoice for payment before despatch.  Please see below for our two pricing structures.  Our default is for payment to a pro-forma invoice prior to despatch.

We have two pricing structures – standard and discounted.

 Standard terms: This will be a higher price than that shown on the website.  An order needs to be accompanied by a down-payment of 50% of the invoice.  The delivery would also need to be paid before delivery as it is to a third party.  The balance would be payable within 14 days.

Discount terms.  If the invoice is paid before despatch, the price of the goods is discounted by 20%. By not having to chase delayed payments, we are able to pass on the maximum cost-saving to the customer.  This is our default and these are the prices stated on our website.


Please tell us which payment terms you will be using at order. 


No guarantee will begin until the goods have been paid for in full.


In placing an order it will be taken that you have read, understood and accepted our standard terms and conditions, which are available as part of a full quote letter, please contact usIt is always our aim to hold a quoted price for 6 months.  We reserve the right to review the prices after 3 months or should there be any major changes in materials costs.  Please ensure that copies of this terms are given to the relevant procurement / payment department so that they are aware of these terms in good time.


Delivery.  Our terms are that pools are released for collection by your company or your preferred carrier once the appropriate payment has been received.  As it may not be convenient for you to arrange delivery, we can arrange carriage on your behalf.


Carriage costs are beyond our control and may change without notice and will be calculated at the time of shipping.  We will happily give you the details for the carrier so that you can contact them.  Also, if you have a preferred carrier, let us know.