SoftBirth Birthing Couch Kit

Soft Birth Birthing Couch Kit

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With its innovative yet simple design, the SoftBirth Birthing Couch Kit comes in versatile segments that can be moved around to suit the needs of the moment.

The integrated stool pulls out to give comfortable seating for the midwife or birth partner.  The recess created can then be used for the mother to kneel in a supported position.  We even include a kneeling mat for comfort.

When fully assembled the couch becomes a comfortable flat surface for mothers to relax and have skin to skin with their newborns.  For Midwives this gives easy access for exams and suturing without the need for a bed.


If you would like to tweak the design, that’s OK.  You might want the cushion/stool to be in a different place, you might want it narrower, etc. this can be done and most of the time it costs no more than normal.  Other colours are available such as navy blue or sage green.


The more modern materials used give a lighter and less bulky birth couch which is easier to move and lift.  As it divides into components, this shares the weight into manageable bits.


The couch is constructed in layers, starting with a firm foam base, topped with a soft layer of comfortable memory foam.

The couch is covered in a easy-to-care-for, soft, contemporary polyvinyl fabric. The fabric has a smooth, plush finish in a feminine heather colour. The cover seams are high pressure heat welded, making them completely impervious to fluid ingress.

The edges are far more sightly so that the overall effect is for an aesthetically pleasing birth couch rather than a piece of P.E. equipment!


The cover has an elevated zip concealed under a generously sized zip flap to ensure no fluid seeps in from the floor or other surfaces.  All seams are heat-welded.

The main body of the couch also features a secondary inner cover of the same high quality as the outer to give double protection. A second liner on the pull-out stool is available as an option extra.

The covers are made from medical grade PU material and are cleanable and are removable and washable.

The Stool has a zipped cover like the main body.  The Kneeler mat is intended for use on the floor and is a sealed unit.  If you would like a zipped unit, please ask at order.


Both the stool and kneeling mat are included in the price for the kit, making it competitive on price and a great all-round piece of furniture for all birth environments.


Replacement cover (main body)

Replacement cover (stool)

Replacement stool & cover

Replacement kneeler cushion (sealed unit)

all with free UK delivery

All other components can be replaced POA


Couch Toppers

This simple addition to your birthing couch kit will turn it into a comfortable sleeping surface.  Ideal as a bed for birth partners or to provide comfortable rest breaks for mum.

Comfort Cushions

The addition of comfort cushions in a matching fabric is an ideal way to turn your Birthing Couch Kit into an inviting piece of furniture, whilst also providing women with additional positioning aids during labour and birth.  Because the cushions are made to the same standards and specifications as our couches and mats, you can be assured they are strong and durable enough for even the most rigorous handling.

Features Birthing Couch Kit Couch Topper
Dimensions 2m x 0.9m x 0.45m  2m x 0.9m x 50mm
Core Construction Foam with Memory Foam Topper  Memory Foam
Inner Cover Construction Vapour-impermeable two-way stretch medical grade PU material;

High Pressure Weld

Outer Cover Construction Vapour-impermeable two-way stretch medical grade PU material;

High Pressure Weld

 PU High Pressure Weld
Cleaning & Disinfection Sodium Hypochlorite 1:1000  Sodium Hypochlorite 1:1000
Warranty (Core) 3 years  3 Years
Warranty (Covers) (double-cover only) 6 months per liner (therefore, 12 months for double liner)  12 months