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Ceiling-Mounted Birth Sling

Ceiling mounted birth sling

Ceiling sling metal work sketch (a carabina is also included)

A cloth birthing sling is a valuable and increasingly popular means of promoting and active labour and birth.  We have a choice of 6 designs to choose from.  The cloth is a 6m length so that when it hangs doubled-up from the hook it is 3m long.  (If the cloth design of your choice is not available, we will contact you with comparable alternatives.)

The kit comprises the metalwork (in steel and stainless steel) to bolt to a roof joist/girder and woven cotton sling (in choice of colours).  £690.  (Metalwork only costs £390).  This generic kit provides the metalwork necessary to anchor an eye-bolt from which to suspend a sling cloth to take loads of 150kg.  The eye-bolt is long enough to protrude through a false ceiling.

Metal work only £390+delivery and VAT, with cloth, £690+delivery and VAT.

Choice of Sling

Salomon cloth Green Blue  Blue leaves Pink leaves Swirling Waves